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Our hotel has 36 bed capacity and provides many spa services such as Turkish Bath, sauna, jacuzzi, steam room, massages apart from accommodation. Because it is in the city center, it provides an advantage in terms of transportation to our valuable guests both on holiday and on business trips.

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Sauna and steam bath is the place to be after a long day of work. Pleasant smells such as pine in the cabins are distributed with the help of steam, making it easy to breathe.

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5 Best Boutique Hotels of 2017 across the World

Boutique hotels are best known for the privacy and the seclusion that they offer their clients. Unlike the regular hotels, the boutique hotels are compact and smaller in size, but they offer the greatest comfort. Since boutique hotels are trending, they are found in different parts of the world. Though there are many hotels, only a few of them stand out and deserve to be called the best. So here we are listing the top 5 boutique hotels of the year 2017.

Boutique Hotels

Akademie Street:

Not many of us know that the concept of boutique hotels began as early as in the late 1800s and this boutique hotel that exists even today is material evidence that supports this fact. Akademie Street came into existence in the late 19th century and is one of the best boutique hotels until today. It was honoured as the best boutique hotel of the year 2017. The best part is that the hotel is located in the Cape Town of South Africa, a country which we believe is underdeveloped.

The Greenwich Hotel:

A lot of reasons are there as to why you will love. Apart from the fact that this is one of the coolest and the most comfortable boutique hotels in the world, a part of this place is owned by the renowned Hollywood veteran actor Robert De Niro. This hotel is located in New York, America. The hotel is located amidst a beautiful lush green environment that almost any person will fall in love with.

Kensho Boutique Hotel and Suites:

Kensho is situated in a place surrounded by hills and is a beachside hotel. The hotel is located in Greece a country known for its beauty. The beautiful Ornos Bay and the famous Mykonos town centre are also located close by. The best part about Kensho is that it is a hotel that was launched only a year ago after two long years of hard work. Despite being only a year old, it has managed to beat the competitors and stay on top of the list.

The Edison George Town:

George Town is a historic place, and this reason is enough to love the hotel. The Edison George Town is a boutique hotel located in the George Town, Malaysia. The hotel is built as a perfect blend of the George Town’s history and the rich Malaysian culture. This hotel is hundred and eleven years old and still looks fresh and modern as ever. Certainly, renovations tasks were carried out many times in the past years, but the quality of the hotel hasn’t changed a bit.

Ashford Castle Co:

Ashford Castle Co is located in Mayo, Ireland. Ashford Castle Co acts as the definition of how a true boutique hotel has to be. The elegance of the hotel simply makes you feel at home. It is one of the boutique hotels that tops all the lists irrespective of when it is listed and who lists it. This boutique hotel is much older than the one located in George Town. This manor is in existence right from the 13th century and still stands as one of the architectural beauties of Ireland.

7 Characteristics that Define a Boutique Hotel

Boutique hotels are trending in the recent times. A lot of people who are into too much of travelling prefer boutique hotels. But to be honest, most of us do not know what a boutique hotel is or if they even exist. This is because the concept of boutique hotels works only in the urban culture where people like to keep to themselves. Forget the rural ones. Even the semi-urban people are yet to get the touch of the boutique hotel culture. So here we are listing the 7 special characteristics of Boutique hotels, and probably that will help you get a clear idea of what a boutique hotel is.

Boutique Hotel

Characteristics of Boutique Hotels:

Here the 7 major characteristics that define a boutique hotel:

Size of the accommodation:

Unlike the big sophisticated homes, they are the small and compacts ones. Big sized rooms are a thing of the past, and if you still stick to big rooms, you are outdated. Because most of the people today prefer compact rooms that simply fit the requirement. Also, if you are someone who travels a lot, then boutique hotels are definitely your thing.


Boutique hotels are jam-packed and clumsy like the normal hotels since they are exclusively designed for loners and people who love their own company it is quite a secluded place and if you are someone who can keep your lips zipped for a while you are zapped, boutique hotels are not your place. Of course, there are places to socialise, but people hardly prefer mingling.


Since all rooms are designed for the needs of that particular individual, the room and the services that you get while you stay are, in most cases, custom made. They ask what you want and what you like and act accordingly. So service is one thing you need not have to worry about. As long as your interests are clear, you are sure to get spotless service.


The locations these hotels are usually found are subjective in nature. They are found almost anywhere and everywhere. This means no particular deciding criterion tells you where a boutique hotel has to be located. They can simply be built anywhere, and customers seek the right place depending on their needs.


Most of the food habits in boutique hotels are designed to match the taste and preference of the local. So you can almost get any local food there. Also since the services rendered are customized according to the needs of the customers you can get the food you prefer as well.


In simple terms, a boutique hotel will simply resemble the culture of the place it is located in. The art and design of the place, the fun and sports habits all match with the local habits of that place. But at the end of the day, your privacy and seclusion are the things that they respect the most. You can be a part of the fun activities only if you feel like.

Not all can feel at home:

The features of boutique hotels are in contrasting shades and the place cannot help all people feel at home. Only a few people can accommodate themselves into hotels like this. That is why the boutique hotel is one thing that people still do not understand.

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